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Shipbee is a cloud-based order management and shipping automation software designed for small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses. Many businesses struggle with the generic tools offered by sales channels to process orders, manage inventory, and ship efficiently. The offerings are usually clunky, tedious and frustrating.

Shipbee helps by consolidating orders from multiple sales channels and allow merchants to batch print packing slips, address labels, and invoices. Shipbee will help by streamlining your after-sale processes even if you have only one sales channel.

We know that you would rather concentrate on running your business than struggle with hard-to-use software tools. Shipbee is simple, easy to use, and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.



Access from anywhere that has an internet connection. Each client has its own database shard for added security. Shipbee only communicates over secure and encrypted channels.


The only requirement is a web browser. No software to install. Get going in 10 minutes or less. Shipbee is carefully designed to be easy to use


Shipbee pays for itself easily. Expect to save on average of 1-2 hours per day when compared with the default tools offered by sales channels.



Clean, simple, and easy to use web-based interface.

  • Batch Printing Capability

    Save time packing and processing orders by batch printing packing slips, postage-free address labels (sticky labels with name and shipping address), postage-paid shipping labels*, and more.

  • Multi-Channel

    Connects to your Amazon and Paypal account to download all your orders into one place for easy processing and adds uniformity to your packing slips and other customer facing documents.

  • Customizable Templates

    Packing slips and address labels can be customized to add your company logo, specific texts, or other fields available from the order stream.

  • Runs on Multiple Devices

    Use your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, or Windows PC to access Shipbee service. Send packing slips directly from your device to email or directly to a connected printer.

  • Data Isolation

    Each Shipbee account has its own private datastore isolated from the datastore of other Shipbee accounts. It's like having you own private computer in the clould running your own application.

  • Shipping

    Ship using a provider of your choosing. Mix and match providers. Coming soon*

Shipbee currently integrates with the following sales channels


Shipbee has a simple pricing structure based on the number of orders processed per month.

The first month is free for Standard and Premium plans. The Basic plan is free all the time. Cancel at any time without penalty. Give it a try today! Limited time offers.


  • 0-50 orders per month
  • 1 channel
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$10 / mo
  • Up to 1200 orders per month
  • 1-5 channels
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$20 / mo
  • Unlimited orders per month
  • Unlimited Channels
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